The disabled dog was betrayed by people 4 times.But he was waiting for his happiness again in the shelter.

A dog named Bandit was taken from the shelter 4 times and then returned back.It seemed that he would forever remain within the walls of the state insitution of Georgia.But that’s because the pet is tied to a wheelchair.He is a cute and friendly baby,but requires more care and responsibility.

The staff of the shelter adored the pet and dreamed find a permanent home.But time passed,and Bandit was still lonely.This continued until Durrell and Sue Ryder found out about him.They were sure that they would be able to give the dog the love and care he needed.

The couple felt a special connection with Bandit.After all,Darrell was also in a wheelchair!The man says thet he and his pet have the same type of paralysis…
And the staff has already accompanied their beloved dog to a new life.Finally,he will live in a family where he is understood.

Now the pet adores its owners and it seems that his life has developed even better than one could have dreamed of.
Bandit’s new family says that they have become even happier than before,because now they have the best dog in the world!

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