The dog became a nanny for kittens who lost their mother.

U.S. residents picked up four small kittens on the street who were left without a mother at the age of only three weeks.Caring people decided to help the kids,and took them to the local animal rescue center.There,frightened kids were welcomed with joy.

Employees checked the health of the babies,and making sure that their condition was all right,they began to look for overexposure.A woman named Laura agreed to take all four kittens to her for overexposure — despite the fact that she has a domestic dog.
Her dog named Raylan is already used to the fact that the mistress constantly brings babies and animals in need.During this time,he has become a real assistant to his mistress,and always gladly helps animals,and becomes a nanny.That’s what happened to these kittens.Raylan immediate;y took on the role of a furry dad!

Raylan himself once wandered the streets,and then got into the walls of a shelter.Laura first took him for overexposure,but when the owners were not found for him for a long time,she decided to keep the dog.Raylan knows how it is to be in an unfamiliar place all alone and be afraid of everything around.That’s why his mission was to help needy animals feel more comfortable.

The kittens quickly fell in love with their big dad.They follow Raylan everywhere,enjoy sleeping next to him,playing and hugging.When the kittens are ready,they will find permanent owners for them.In the meantime,they have a wonderful babysitter Raylan,who loves them with all his heart!

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