The dog came to the man every day for food.One day he decided to follow her…

Ivan is a crane operator at the construction site.And after another working day,he decided to go home.He went to the yards,as it was shorter and noticed the dog that followed him.

It was obvious that it was a stray dog.However,the dog took him all the way home.
At home,the man began to cook for himself,and looking out of the window he saw the same dog who looked very unhappy.Ivan realized that the animal was hungry and went out to take him to eat.

Returning,he saw that she had moved the food to somewhere and left.Then Ivan took a bag of food with him and followed the dog.So they walked about a kilometer,and the dog went to the shelter,and an elderly man sat on the roadside,right by the subway.

The dog gave the package to its owner,who divided the contents in half.He gave half of the food to his faithful friend.
The way the dog behaved touched Ivan.After all,the dog was loyal to her master in the most difficult period of his life.

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