The dog couldn’t eat:it turned out that her stomach was clogged with plastic bags…

Roxy was in an extremely serious condition.The poor thing couldn’t drink or eat food.Also,the baby couldn’t walk.

When a full examination was carried out,it turned out that she had a lot of health problems.The pyometer,mastropathy and stomach clogged with plastic bags were an incomplete list of Roxy’s diseases.The dog was operated on.The operation was long and severe.Plastic bags were extracted from the stomach.

If the operation hadn’t been done in time,Roxy would have died experiencing terrible agony.
A couple of days later,she was discharged from the hospital.However,later there were complications.Now the dog is on overexposure.She receives the necessary treatment,care and love.

Let’s hope that Roxy recovers.We sincerely wish all this.

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