The dog couldn’t stand on its paws.The man fed her until help came.

In a phone call,the man said that he saw a dog hit by a car.The animal could not rise to its paws,so the man brought her water,some food and stayed nearby,waiting for the arrival of volunteers.

The animal was immediately taken to the vet,after the examination the doctor sent it for X-ray.
The picture showed a fracture of the paw,since there was no bone displacement,the veterinarian decided to leave everything as it is for independent splicing.
The dog named Phoebe has a clip in his ear,but there is no data on the clip,so you need an ultrasound to check if the animal was actually sterilized.

Until it can be done,the cost of animals with complex diseases does not make it possible to find money for the examination.
A separated room has been allocated for Phoebe in the shelter,because peace is needed to splice the bone,and the dog also receives a special diet that promotes a speedy recovery.

Phoebe is a very cute animal with a sad look.She has experienced a lot in her life.It seems that the dog was sterilized,but just put a clip,doing it very carelessly and without observing sterility.As soon as possible,we will test this theory,and while Phoebe sleeps,eats and recovers.

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