The dog did not let the ambulance pass, and even when they drove her away, she returned

This story was told by an ambulance nurse. The ambulance was returning from a call when the driver suddenly braked sharply. It turned out that a dog was sitting in the middle of the road.

And she was not at all afraid of the car, it looked like she was waiting for her. The driver honked, but the animal did not budge.

Then the nurse got out of the car and drove the dog out of the road. She just walked to the side of the road. As soon as the nurse got into the ambulance, the dog returned to its original place.

Then the same nurse got out of the car again and went up to the animal. The dog did not run away, it just got up and went to the bushes, constantly looking around – it was as if it was checking whether the man was following her.

Suddenly, the ambulance worker stopped and called colleagues. Having run up, the doctors saw that a man was lying under the bushes. It turned out that he was unconscious. The man was taken to an ambulance and went to the hospital.

And the dog ran after the car.

As it turned out later, this man went for a walk with his dog, and during the walk, he felt bad. If not for the dog, this man might not have been saved.

While the owner was in the hospital, the dog lay under its walls and waited for his return. Only the man’s son was able to take the animal into the car and take her home. But after a couple of hours, the dog was again at the hospital!

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