The dog found a little bear and brought it home.

«Just look what our dog brought!» exclaimed the man.The spouses living in Washington County did not expect their pet to bring home such a «surprise.»

When the dog came back from a walk,she carefully kept something in her mouth.Interested owners came closer and saw what she brought to the house,,,a little bear!The baby weighed only five hundred grams,while being dehydrated and,of course,hungry.
The owners immediately contacted the rescuers who took the baby to the Virginia Wildlife Center.He was provided with the necessary care,surrounded by care and treated.

Amanda Nicholson,one of the employees,says that the black bear rescued by the dog quickly became stronger and gained strength.He was returned back to the wild,given to the bear,who began to take care of the baby,as if for her native.
The dog that found and brought the bear to the owners acted very carefully,realizing that you can’t squeeze your teeth too much!That’s who’s really good girl.It is thanks to her that the baby is alive now.

The little bear was first placed in an incubator.A 24-hour feeding schedule was calculated especially for him.Thanks to the efforts of the employees,the baby survived and now lives under the supervision of an adopted mother next to other cubs.
Perhaps now the baby weighs a little more than a loaf of bread,but when it grows,this figure will reach 250 kilograms!The animal will be able to turn over boulders weighing 140 kilograms with one paw.

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