The dog found a newborn baby in the mountains and brought a man to him.

This story happened in the Philippines.Biker drove along high roads and suddenly noticed that a dog was running after him.She ran hard and barked very loudly.Obviously,she wanted to tell him something and thus attracted attention.

Then Jenrell,which was the name of the biker,stopped the motorcycle and followed the animal.The dog led him through the rocky labyrinths of mountain roads and began to pin and bark around an incomprehensible bundle lying on the ground.Jenrell came closer and unfolded the bundle.What he saw literally shocked him,there was a newborn baby.

The man immediately contacted police officers and emergency medical care.The boy was taken to the hospital and,fortunately,he was healthy and his life was not in danger.The situation was so out of the ordinary that they didn’t even remember the heroic dog.
Only a week later they remembered her and contacted her owners.The religious community of the city presented gifts to he and its owners.Later it was found out that the name of the dog was Black and he lived with his owners and a dozen of his brothers.

Owners from an eraly age raise and train their pets and instill in them love for their animals and people,specially for children,and it turned out that their efforts were not in vain and they managed to raise a glorious dog.

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