The dog from the shelter did not know what “own yard” was until she met her kind owner

Dog Bentley could not find a loving family in any way. She was taken from the shelter four times and returned there four times. No one wanted to cope with her health problem.

There is only one reason – increased anxiety in the animal, turning into seizures. However, the new owner was not afraid of Bentley’s peculiarity. She fell in love with the beautiful dog at the first sight.

The woman understood that she would have to face certain difficulties because the weight of the dog was about 50 kilograms.

Catharra Taylor decided to sell her two-room apartment and buy a house with a backyard.

She hoped to create a comfortable environment for the pet.

It was important for the woman to make a small lawn for Bentley. It was difficult for Catհarra, but she coped with the problem.

The love for her animal made the woman do the impossible. She just couldn’t leave the poor animal in the hands of fate.

Now her four-legged friend has his own yard, on the grass of which the dog walks daily for several hours. Bentley is the happiest dog now because, after so many failures, she found a person who has an unconditional love for her.

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