The dog froze under the snow until a man found him.

That day,the snow covered the whole city.A black dog rushed by the river,who was homeless,and cold snow was falling and falling,making him tremble…
Fortunately,the black was noticed by a passerby.He was walking over the bridge when he saw an animal clenched from the cold,so he decided to help him…

He went to a local shelter,and soon volunteers drove up to the bridge.Frightened by strangers,the dog rushed away,and the volunteers ran after.Soon the baby stopped.The volunteer immediately offered him food,and the dog carefully took it.

The volunteer carefully took him in his arms and carried it to the car.The dog was called Arkon.Despite everything Arkon felt that this person should be trusted…
Soon Arkon was already at the vet.He had no serious diseases,and it was already pleasing!

Playful and active,the pet fully recovered,and they began to look for the owners.
After a while,a cheerful dog was given into good hands.He was taken into a house by an elderly woman who promised to take care of our hero!

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