The dog got into the shelter more than ten times and the employees realized that they could not part with him

For the first time, the adorable little white dog Gumby came to the shelter seven years ago and no one even thought that the dog would constantly refuse a new home and ask him to return to the shelter.

At first, the volunteers did not even think that the dog was so good at the shelter and, every time, they were very happy when Gumby had a new home, however, Gumby himself did not think so.

He ran away at the first opportunity and again came to the shelter. Then he was again taken away by potential owners, but the people who found him on the street brought him to the same shelter, since he ran away again.

And so many attempts to attach the dog ended and they all ended in failure, he was not going to get along with his owners and the volunteers again had to take care of the capricious dog.

It even happened that people got so used to this active dog that they took him from the shelter three times in one month, but Gumby turned out to be intractable and, as before, ran away.

In total, he has 11 shoots, and then the staff of the shelter realized that they would never part with this dog again, because he loved them and these shelter walls so much.

They decided to stop looking for a home for him, because he is so happy here too. The dog lives surrounded by love and care of volunteers who pamper him very much and are looking for a reason to please.

He also has his own responsibilities — to play with those pets that lack love and care.

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