The dog guarded the owner’s belongings all night,who was taken away by an ambulance team…

In the social networks of the city of Lviv,users actively discuss the story of a faithful dog.Her nickname is Lviv Hachiko.
The events took place on February 5.At about eleven p.m. at one of the stops near the monument to Daniil Galitsky,ambulance workers took a man to a medical institution.The man fell when he and his dog were on walk.The dog did not move,but sat and guarded his master’s belongings.

A volunteer was sent to the dog,but he didn’t let the girl in.The dog was sitting in one place and waiting for its owner.
The volunteers decided to help the dog and save the dog from street life.As a result,he ended up in one of the city shelters «Lion».

On February 7,good new appeared.They managed to find the owners of the dog.The acquaintances of the injured man appeared and got in touch with the volunteers.As it tuned out,the owner of the dog is called Alexey.

Employees of the volunteer organization contacted the daughter of the injured man.It turned out that the real nickname «Hachiko» is Sirko.Now the the dog in his home is waiting for his master’s discharge.

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