The dog has been walking the streets for two years and is looking for a mistress…

Passers-by paid attention to a white,exhausted dog that wandered the street in confusion.She didn’t react to anyone or anything,not even to passing cars.Her eyes expressed melancholy and despair,as if she had lost everything.

Residents of the district have noticed the poor dog for a long time,but no one knew what she was looking for.The dog wa severly exhausted and barely kept on its feet and people could not look at the unfortunate animal indifferently.It turned out that it isn’t a stray dog and it has owners.

Since they went to work,she went for a walk alone.She had the nickname Jindol.She used to be very happy,but after the owner’s mther passed away,she had an incredibly unhappy and depressed state.The mistress left this world more than two and a half years ago.
The dog could not accept the loss and just sat in the floor and cried for a whole week.Now she walked in the places where the woman usually went and began to look for her on the roads and missed her very much.Since then,her health has also began to deteriorate.

But the owner understood the reason for the dog’s state and began to walk with the dog every day in the same way as his former owner did.Perhaps this will somehow help and Jindol will gradually return into the normal life…

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