The dog in every photo turns out hilarious..

Every time the owner tries to take a picture of her dog named Imogene,she can’t get normal shots.She instantly begins to curve,run,jump — anything but not to pose.
Imogene lives happily in the United States with its owners.She is very kind,active and emotional dog.

The dog always builds faces,starts to get active,jump or run while taking pictures.The hostess even had a special rewarding system for Imogene’s good behavior in photo shoots.

«Our photo shoots are always fun.I always give her treats to obey,but it doesn’t work well.Imogene begins to crook and run,» says the hostess.

Despite everything the hostess hopes that she will be able to find the best way to make the pet pose beautifully.In the meantime,Imogene pleases the world with its spontaneity and positive!

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