The dog no longer had the strength to fight in the water for life.The girl saw her in time…

The dog was in the river and tried his best not to go underwater.A heavy load was tied to the animal,so all his attempts to escape were in vain,they only took away the animal’s strength,which was already little left.The woman noticed the dog from the shore and immediately rushed to the rescue.

Already in the river,taking the unfortunate animal in her arms,the woman realized why the dog could not swim to the shore on its own.A rope was tied to the animal,on the other end of which there was a bag with a heavy stone.The dog did not have the strength to move this load and if the woman had not come on time,the dog would have drowned,spending his last effort on hopeless struggle.

The woman took the dog out of the water and immediately carried it to the vet.The doctor found out that the dog’s name is Bella but who its owners remained unknown,the doctor only said that the animal could change owners several times.
The police came out to those who did this to the animal.A man and a woman have become suspects in the case and although their guilt has not yet been fully proven,the police have no doubt that it was they who abused the animal so cruelly.

The dog stayed in the clinic under the supervision of veterinarians,it gradually recovers and gains strength.As soon as the animal finally recovers,it will start looking for new owners.I want to believe that this dog will never have to endure betrayal again.

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