The dog of unforgettable appearance and glorious character was left alone…

Kosmos — a leisurely,calm,slightly fearful and very modest baby was miraculously noticed by volunteers.The dog arrived in the team of found and rescued dogs in the company of the mother and her numerous children.

Husky has such an expressive look that it is impossible to pass by his trouble — hunger,cold,devastation and loneliness.
Even if it seems that the dog begged for its place under the sun,the pet really needed help.
It was really difficult for him to provide himself with decent conditions,so his stay in the shelter is a real luck in the fate of Kosmos.

The dog managed to visit the zoo exhibition.The charm of pet really works.Dozens of people approached Kosmos to get acquainted with it and to treat him with something.
But as soon as the exhibition ended,the interest in the dog ended.
Make sure of the perfection of the Kosmos,become a «captive» of its bizarre look and good-natured character personality.Kosmos is looking for a home!

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