The dog pulled the owner out of the swamp where even the rescuers could not reach

Jake Atkins went hunting with his friend. They hid, waiting for their prey, but that day they had no luck. The guys moved closer to the water …

But, Jake got into a swamp and fell into liquid mud. He couldn’t get out on his own. His friend tried to help, but also got stuck in a swamp.

They dialed 911 and waited for rescuers.

But, as soon as they arrived, it turned out … The rescuers could not get close to them! To save them, the team would also have to enter the swamp, and this was a huge risk.

The guys were afraid to even move, so as not to fall even deeper. Their lives were indeed in great danger, and no one could find a way out. It was possible to call another brigade, but they definitely would not have made it in time.

And then Jake had a good idea. His dog Otis! Rescuers tied a rope to her collar and let the dog go to the owner.

The dog walked slowly and very carefully. It seemed that the dog could choose a path that even the rescuers would not notice.

“Otis helped us! He brought the rope and helped pull me and my friend out. That was incredible!” Jake says.

The dog was very tired but was happy that he was again next to her owner.

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