The dog refused to leave the shelter without his girlfriend. His decision was taken into account

Many people know about the loyalty of dogs. This dog confirmed this with his behavior.

A beloved dog of the Berster spouses from the United States died. They grieved for a long time and were even afraid to have a new pet, so as not to experience such sadness again.

But one day, Katherine saw an ad on Facebook for an Animal Rescue Organization in Philadelphia. It said they were looking for owners for two pit bulls. In the announcement, it was noted that the dogs are very attached to each other and will not be able to part.

Catherine contacted the organization, and she was told that no one wants to take the two dogs and, most likely, they will have to be separated. The woman told her husband about everything.

For several days, the couple wondered if they could raise and maintain two pit bulls. In the end, they made a decision and went to the shelter to get acquainted with the animals.

The dogs got a new home and did not part. Their names are Gus and Nina. They quickly became accustomed to the Berster spouses. New pets are very grateful to their owners.

Dogs have been living with the spouses for 4 years. They are cheerful and energetic. Pit bulls do everything together – eat, sleep and play.

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