The dog sheltered a rejected cat in his booth.

A cat named Lee was taken away from his mother as a kitten.He lived in warmth and comfort for 8 months.

One day the owners decided to buy a kitten>lee amicably met the new friend,but for some reason the owners decided to send him to the village to visit his grandmother.

Grandma didn’t like Lee,she was initially against his arrival.She was constantly kicking him out of the house.Then the cat realised that he had been abandoned.And one day Lee didn’t come back and his grandmother decided that the cat had found a new house.

It turned out that a neighbour’s dog named Robber,unexpectedly for everyone,let in a cat.
A dog who hates other dogs and strangers has warmed him up for a mysterious reason.The cat was built a house next to Robber and settled down quite well.

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