The dog stubbornly dragged a weighty bag to the doorstep.

A dog named Pugh wandered around the capital of Thailand on this day,seemingly aimlessly.His road ran through the landfill,he often visited there to find something edible.
And suddenly,next to the urn,Pugh heard an unusual noise.Dog curiosity took its toll and he came closer.

He noticed there a package from which the squeak was heard,quite quiet,regrettable.He grabbed the bag with his teeth,despite the fact that it was quite heavy and began to drag it to the nearest yard.
There he stood in front of people and left a mysterious find at their feet,starting to bark loudly to attract attention.

A woman approached and noticed the package and hear the crying coming from it.She thought there were abandoned kittens,but she was confused and extremely surprised when she opened the bundles,saw a newborn baby there in very poor condition.
The child needed to be saved urgently,he was blue and breathing heavily.And the dog stood next to him and guarded him.The woman quickly called an ambulance,which took the child to the intensive care unit.

It it weren’t for Pugh,the baby’s fate would have been sad.The dog became a real hero and even the mayor learned about the wonderful animal and his act,which deserves the highest praise.

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