The dog that was took away by a tornado was found after 2 months

Eric and Faith Johnson from Tennessee did not expect to face not only a pandemic but also serious weather disasters in early March. A violent tornado swept through their home state, leaving many Americans without a roof over their heads.

The Johnsons themselves were saved by their dog. An Australian shepherd named Bella managed to attract the attention of the owners just a few minutes before the tornado was over their house.

The couple hid in the bathroom, but this did not help much, because the house was almost destroyed.

The worst part was that Bella was carried away by the wind. The Johnsons no longer hoped to see their pet at least once. But they stubbornly searched for Bella, it took two months to put up ads, interview neighbors.

Faith and Eric even left bits of things outside so Bella could smell her way home.

And only 54 days after the loss, there was a promotion. A family friend named Sarah Romaine contacted the Johnsons and gave the happy news: Bella was found and alive.

The dog was spotted eight kilometers from the house. She did not allow people to approach her and was very scared. Stressful and starving, Bella didn’t even recognize Eric at first.

He had to catch the dog in one of the local dead ends. The Johnsons’ pet is now fully recovered.

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