The dog traveled many kilometers,but managed to get to his savior.

An American army officer,a girl named Webb was on a business trip abroad and it was there that she picked up a street dog.

The girl gave him the simple nickname Puppy.She took care of the new pet as much as she could.She fed him properly,took him to the vet,played with him and tried to give him all the love an tenderness she was capable of.

But everything wasn’t so rosy:Soon the girl had to return to the USA.And the airline did not allow animals to be taken on board.And the unfortunate Puppy had to survive separation.

However,this story didn’t end so sadly.The Animal Protection Organization has taken control of the situation.They took up all the documents so that the dog could fly.
And they succeeded.The dog flew out by other airlines and reunited with his mistress.Thanks to the kind and caring people who were able to solve this seemingly impossible problem.

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