The dog waited for the owner at the airport for two years,and then flew to Kiev.

This story happened about 50 years ago.In 1974,at Vnukovo airport,Alma’s owner could not persuade him to take the pet on board without an appropriate certificate.Due to eye infection,the Eastern European Shepherd was not allowed through veterinary control.
The owner was the last to board and,removing the collar,said goodbye to his beloved dog for a long time and he flew north on the IL-18 liner.The dog ran along the runway to catch up with the liner,it could not accept the loss and did not leave the airport.

People tried to catch her,but without success,a pack of dogs attacked her,but Alma was unshakable and gradually everyone got used to her.The port service began to take care of and protect the faithful animal.
Alma still didn’t trust people and saw off every place and it lasted two years.And suddenly the pilot noticed a dog running after the plane.Vyacheslav Valentey asked to contact the dispatcher and take the dog off the runway to ensure its safety.He was told that they tried to do it,but without success,that she does not go to anyone and sees off all the IL.

The pilot appealed to one of the editorial offices and asked to write the story of the dog.After writing an article o people all over the USSR participated in the search for the owner.
But Alma had another mistress.Vera Kotlyarevskaya left her job in Kiev and did not leave Vnukovo for several days.She tamed the dog with great patience and spent all her time with it.Everyone knew that the dog would not leave in his own and gave her sleeping pills.

Later,the dog realized how much she is loved and accepted a new family.It was this story that became the plot for two brilliant films «On the Shear at the runway» and the new film «The Palm.»

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