The dog went for a walk and returned with the kitten whose life the dog saved…

Hazel is a charming dog who lives with his mistress Monica Burkees in Abilene,Texas.The dog has always been kind.She was only a few weeks old when Monica adopted her,and since then,the cutest Hazel has brightened up her days.

However,Monica would never have thought that her dog would one day turn into a life-saving hero.But that’s exactly what happened on a rainy day.

Regardless of the weather,Hazel should definitely go for a walk.But since it was raining,Monica expected Hazel to return home soon,but for some reason she was late.

Therefore,the woman began to worry,fearing that her tiny fliffy friend might get lost.But instead,a kind dog was saving lives at thet time.

During his walk,Hazel noticed a helpless homeless kitten crying in the rain and immediately rushed to help her.Soon Hazel took her to a safe house.Monica,who eventually filmed this cute moment on camera,couldn’t believe in her eyes what it was.

Naturally,it was a friendship at first sight and Monica could no longer drive away the rescuer,so thay began to live as a friendly family together.

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