The family decided to take the baby from the shelter,but retuned home with the oldest dog.

Often children dream of a new pet and persuade parents to buy it,but not always adults are ready to take on such responsibility.However,this family belonged to another category and to the seventh anniversary of its son to realize his dream and give him a puppy.

Moreover,they did not buy an animal,but went to the shelter to make at least one baby happy.The staff of the shelter sent them to the enclosure with the most beautiful puppies so that the boy could make his own choice,but the child’s choice fell on an adult dog with a very sad look,who was sitting in the nearest enclosure.

An employee of the shelter warned that the dog is already a decent adult and he managed to endure and experience a lot.But the family has already decided.They gave the dog the nickname Graf and the child immediately wanted to stroke him,and Graf stuck his muzzle in his shoes and this scene was very touching and made everyone feel.

The boy already decided and his agreed and Graf,who spent many years in the shelter,was taken home.Now this big,but very kind and affectionate dog has a home and loving owners.
And a child who has been instilled in the right values from a young age will definitely grow up to be a good person.

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