The family refused to pay $20 for the missing dog,saying that it was «not worth it.»

Jake,a blind dog,was found in a poor alley in Los Angeles,very upset by the experience of street life.He was rescued by employees of a dog rescue organization,who were also able to find its owners.Although the owners agreed to return it,they were annoyed by the need to pay $20 for the refund.

Jake’s owners refused to pay a small fee,nothing that the dog was «not worth it.»Jake was saddened that his loved ones left him..
Initially,Jake was taken by the director of the shelter Thera.After rehabilitation,he was taken care of by a local woman named Heidi for several months.

For Heidi Jake was a real discovery.She hesitated to take a blind dog forever,but eventually realized that Jake was the same as her other dogs,mischievous and full of life.It really brought us back faith in human kindness.

Now Jake lives a comfortable life in his permanent home,surrounded by people who adore him.People often lose sight of the fact that dogs have an excellent comprehensive sense of smell,and even disorders such as vision loss do not interfere with them if they have the right owners.

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