The forester felt sorry for the hungry wolf and two months later three wolves thanked him.

On a cold winter day,the forester met a wolf who was on the verge of complete exhaustion.
At first,a forester named Stepan was frightened,and then he still felt sorry for the wolf and treated her to meat.He new better than anyone else how hard it was to find food in the forest in winter.

The wolf came a couple more times,and the villagers began to panic when they learned that Stepan had decided to feed the wolf.With the onset of spring,the wolf stopped coming,but the forester is already used to it.

Some times passed,and people from the village calmed down,but the forester was sad,because he had already managed to get attached to his friend.

However,by the end of April,the wolf visited him again.The forester realized that not only she ate meat,but also fed her wolves.The eyes of the wolf showed gratitude and he no longer saw his forest wolf.

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