The ginger cat that came for vaccination and became a meme

At present, the authorities of various countries of the world no longer know what ways to entice their populations to get vaccinated, since those who wanted to do it have already done it for a long time, while others have many doubts about this.

But the red cat from Singapore does not have them. It was he that recently became a real star of local social networks.

A local resident of Singapore named Wang Hong came to the community center early in the morning, his documents were accepted and he was asked to wait in line under a small awning.

On the spot, Wang Hu was in for a surprise – a ginger cat took the chair! The man had to sit next to him.

The cat sat quietly, as did the other visitors. With all his appearance, he showed that he understands how important vaccination is for both humans and animals.

Soon a community center worker approached the cat.

The cat was not on the list for vaccination, so he was nevertheless politely forced to vacate his seat.

Of course, the animal was just chilling there on the chair or waiting for his owner to feed him. However, someone decided to use the situation properly!

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