The girl bought a baby panther from the zoo.Now she lives in Siberia,loves snow and befriended a Rottweiler.

Cats are quite common as pets,but the panther is an unexpected solution.But a girl named Victoria still bought a baby panther from a zoo and now Luna has turned from a baby into a big,beautiful animal.

Just a few days after her birth,Luna’s mother refused to feed her,which affected the baby’s health.For help taking care of the baby,they turned to Victoria who decided to buy it out and keep it,as she was sure that there would be no proper care at the zoo.
Victoria has been feeding and caring for larger kittens for 12 years,so she had experience.

The baby was fed with a bottle,at the same time,giving meat complementary food,accustomed to the tray an be habits she was a typical domestic cat,but her claws were much larger,and her teeth were larger and sharper.
Soon Luna met Rottweiler Venza,who accepted the kitten as her puppy.Now they live in Siberia and often play and frolic in the snow.Luna is not cold to run in the snow,as it is a mixed breed of Persian and Far Eastern leopards.

By the winter season,she had picked up subcutaneous fat and acquired fluffy wool,so the cold poses no threat to her.

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