The girl burst into tears when she saw her dog after a year of separation.

Sometimes our lives are unpredictable,and at the most sudden moment we can lose the most precious thing.This girl found out that her favorite dog,an elderly chihuahua,was lost.She couldn’t calm down,and almost put up with the loss — until she received one message.

An American woman named Miley saw an elderly chihuahua in a shelter four years ago.She immediately fell in love with a little dog,despite the fact that the inscription «Do not stroke!» hung on her enclosure.According to the girl,when the dog approached her,wagging its tail,she immediately realized that it was fate.
She took a chihuahua to her home and gave her the nickname Jazzy.That’s how the elderly dog began a new life,and the mistress did not want a soul in it.After graduating from university,the girl moved to another city,and because of her work she could not devote enough time to the pet.Then the mistress decided to give Jazzy for a daytime overexposure to one pair of her acquaintances — for a while the girl was very busy.

Everything was going well,but one day Miley couldn’t contact the couple.They literally disappeared,and stopped answering calls.They were able to find the couple only six months later.However,they said that Jazzy wasn’t there — she got lost and couldn’t find her.t was a real grief for the mistress.
More than a year has passed,and when she woke up in the morning,she received a message in the mail.The girl was told that a dog was brought to the shelter of Cowley County-employees scanned her microchip,and Miley’s address was highlighted there.At first,the girl couldn’t believe it,but immediately left work for the shelter.

When Jazzy saw the mistress,she immediately ran to her,joyfully wagging her tail.The girl couldn’t hide her emotions when meeting her pet,and burst into tears.It was an incredibly touching moment.Now the dog lives with Miley again.

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