The girl demanded that the guy get rid of the dog.And then he placed this ad.

Unfortunately,not all people love pets equally.Someone doesn’t care about them and can’t literally live without them and someone is against any animals at home.And it so happened that two such people met…

After 4 years of relationship,he decided that it was time to finally move in with his girlfriend.But he had no idea how much his girlfriend would hate his dog Molly.The girl gave Getzen an ultimatum and demanded to get rid of the dog,no matter what it cost him.After reflecting on this problem,the guy put an ad in the newspaper.
I’ll give it to good hands for free…


«My girlfriend doesn’t like my dog Molly.So I’ll have to find her a new home.She is clean,from a good region and spent 4 years with me.She likes to play games,but she’s not particularly trained.She has a long hair,so she requires a little more careful care,especially with regard to nails.She doesn’t sleep and makes noise all night,but sleeps when I work.She eats only the best and the most expensive.She WILL NEVER meet you at the door after a long day’s work.She doesn’t bite,but it can easily arrange a damn unpleasant set-up!
So…if someone is interested in my 30-year-old,selfish,evil,mercantile girlfriend,come and pick her up!My dog and I want her to go to another house as soon as possible.Urgently!
A few days after placing the ad,Getzen updated it and added that the girl was returned to breeders,that is,her parents,and he and Molly are looking for a new girlfriend!

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