The girl found a dog under the car.

About two years ago,a girl named Zarina Pliyeva found a pretty dog on the street.The poor thing was hiding from people under the cars.Zarina got used to first checking if there are animals under her car,and only then starting the engine.Such caution this time was not superfluous,because a dog was hiding under the girl’s car.

Zarina somehow lured the baby out of hiding,but she immediately jerked under another car.Of course,the girl understood that someone else would not look under the car,so she decided to take the dog to her house,and soon find her house.But it was not possible to put the pet in good hands — there was no person to whom Zarina could entrust the animal.The girl sterilized the dog,vaccinated her,fed her,but the owner was still not found.

She really didn’t want to give the baby to an unknown person,so the girl decided to keep the pretty baby.She called her Mishutka and began to take care of her,as well as the other two dogs,which,by the way,she also took from the street.
Not once did Zarina regret adopting Mishutka,who turned out to be a nice and smart dog!

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