The girl moved in with her boyfriend, but the dog did not fit into her plans and she simply left it in the trash.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the degree of cruelty of people, especially towards defenseless animals. This incident happened in America. A girl named Michelle moved to live in another city, but the pet did not fit into her plans.

It is very likely that she has long ceased to love her dog, as she simply threw it into the street dustbin and the poor animal stayed there for several days until the garbage man found him.

The dog was very emaciated. Apparently she hasn’t eaten in a long time. And the way she wanted to get rid of the pet was too cruel. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic and was in critical condition.

Later it turned out that the animal was microchipped and the police were able to find the owner very quickly.

She was arrested on animal cruelty charges. She had to pay a considerable fine and undergo an examination for mental adequacy.

Fortunately, nothing threatens the life and health of the dog. It is now in a shelter and we really hope that the shelter staff will be able to place him in a kind, loving and caring family, and the terrible past will be behind him like a nightmare.

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