The girl noticed a cat in the corridor of the hospital…

A girl named Merv Ozkan was waiting for her dad at Kanuni Sultan Suleiman Hospital in Istanbul when she saw a very unusual patient entering the door!
Stunned Merv noticed a cat walking confidently along the hospital corridor,holding a kitten firmly in her teeth.

The girl could swear that the cat perfectly understood exactly where she was going.The pet looked like he knew the hospital very well.Merv was very worried about the condition of her father.who was recovering from COVID-9,and was about to take a second test.The girl’s tension and anxiety were dispelled by the same cat who brought its child to the hospital.

The staff was incredibly pleased with the appearance of the ca.The doctors even took a break to play with the cat and its child.It was noticeable that it was not the first time the medical staff met a cat.
Fortunately,everything was fine with the kitten and its baby.It turns out that she looked for fresh milk,which she was treated to there,and for affection.

Merv took a few photos and then published them on Twitter,where the pictures quickly went viral.It was very nice to see how warm the doctors treated the homeless pet!
When the girl was already leaving the hospital,the fluffy couple still enjoyed the caress of doctors.Mom-cat was clearly not going to go anywhere,delaying the moment of parting.

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