The girl rescued a large dog from the market. Nobody loved her, but he wanted love and happiness

This family is the owners of a very large dog, and their story began in the courtyard of a high-rise building. A pack of aggressive dogs attacked the shepherd, and she could not protect her alone.

However, the husband of this woman was not afraid to defend the shepherd dog and, taking the board, began to fight off the formidable, barking mongrels. When the shepherd was rescued, the little girl began to hug the large dog and shouted: «Dolph!»

So, a shepherd dog, who was on the street, found its nickname, and very soon a family and loving owners. The man who defended this big and kind shaggy man immediately began to have sympathy for him, transferred him to his car and took him to the veterinary clinic.

Upon examination, it turned out that the dog does not have any health problems, only that it should have been properly fed. The dog was taken to the dacha, where Dolph was incredibly happy, running around the spacious yard.

Now he is a full-fledged member of the family, he travels with his owners around the country, in particular he loves fishing and is not averse to treating himself to delicious fish.

He also has an extremely large amount of wool, so the owners were forced to purchase two robotic vacuum cleaners at once, which would collect shaggy wool in the house.

For the baby, Dolph became a loyal friend. They play together and fall asleep in an embrace and she says that when she grows up, she will also live with Dolph

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