The girl rushed to save the homeless kitten with a subcutaneous tick at the risk of infecting her cats.

Nadezhda Maslova shared this story with us.The girl loves our smaller brothers and just can’t pass by an unfortunate animal in trouble.That’s how it happened this time!Nadia wasn’t stopped even by the fact that she already had five cute kittens at home…

One day the girl went to the store.She immediately noticed a small grey spot flashing on the doorstep.Coming closer,Nadezhda saw a tiny kitten that was barely standing on her paws.She had seen kittens with a subcutaneous tick before,so she immediately realized that the pet was serious ill.
Having stopped next to the kitten,the girl thought to throw him or take it home?Bute she already has five cats that can get infected from a baby.After a short reflection,Nadia still took the baby home,already thinking about exactly where she would settle him so that other pets would not suffer.

The treatment was long,but the girl didn’t give up.In the end,we managed to get rid of the tick,and soon an absolutely healthy kitten full of energy and strength,who turned out to be a girl,ran around the house.
Nadezhda sincerely believed that she would find the charming kitten owners,but in the end she decided that it was fate,and kept the cat,which the whole family was eventually happy about!

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