The girl thought she had saved a beautiful kitten,and he turned out to be jaguarundi!

Our story is about a girl from the Argentine settlement of Santa Rosa de Liles.She lives with her family on a farm,so love for animals has been instilled in her since childhood.

One day,while fishing,she heard a squeak in the tall grass.It was a hungry and frightened kitten who was left without a mother.She did not remain indifferent and took the baby home.
The baby was recovering quickly and gaining weight well.He was playing,biting…So the girl decided to take him to the vet.


She was told that her pet looks more like a wild beast than a domestic cat.
Experts have confrimed that the found animals is real predator,namely the beautiful and graceful wild cat jaguarundi!

The girl had to say goodbye to her fluffy friend>She understood that the employees of the centre would help him learn to live in a natural conditions for a predatory cat.

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