The girl took a very tiny and cute puppy,and now the dog is bigger than her mistress!

Yuna Suluji from South Africa has been looking for a pet for a long time,but could not decided who to choose.But when she saw Alaskan Malamute dogs,she realized that it was exactly the dog she needed.

She went to the breeder and she liked a small puppy,distinguished by restless behavior and curiosity among other.She called the dog Tidus.
Yuna was delighted with her puppy from the very beginning,took care of him and did everything to make him comfortable and good.

Tidus grew very rapidly and already weighted 50 kilos in six months.Yuna was somewhat frightened,noting that his dog is much bigger and taller than other tribesmen of the same breed.

But Tidus continued to grow and his weight exceeded 70 kilos.He looks like a real giant next to his mistress.
Now Tidus is 6 years old.Despite his impressive size and adulthood,he is incredibly cute,sociable and quiet.

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