The girl took two dogs from the street.

Kristina Guskova shared with us a story about her two dogs at once.The girl has two dogs,whom she once took from the street.The mistress of pets is sure that ordinary mongrels are no worse than purebred animals.

About ten years ago,the first dog appeared in Kristina’s family — a white charmer named Squirrel.That frost evening,the girl and her husband went for a walk in the local park.That’s where the couple met a skinny and very sad dog shaking with cold.
They immediately felt incredibly sorry for the pet,and her huge sad eyes seemed to beg to take her home,which,in fact,the guys did.

And two years ago,a dark dog named Kusya also appeared in the family.She lived on the street,hiding under the balcony of the first floor of a high building.It was in the very yard where Kristina lives,so the girl soon noticed the poor thing.At first,she doubted whether to take the second animal into the house,but when she found out that the baby wanted to be put to sleep by the employees of the local management company,she decided to take Kusya from the street as soon as possible.

The dogs became friends in a matter of minutes.They seemed to be happy that their wonderful owners saved them both by taking them home.Now Kristina has a friendly team of dogs who walk,sleep together and,of course,come up with pranks.
Thanks to the girl for helping the animals!Without it,pets would have had a hard time…

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