The guy found two kittens at the construction site…

It’s not clear how two little kittens ended up at the construction site.Either the mother cat lost them,or same trouble happened to her…Or maybe the owners of the cat decided to get rid of unwanted offspring in this way?No one knows for sure.

The fate of pets would have been sad if it hadn’t been for the intervention of caring people.A kind man heard the crying of the kids coming from the construction site,and decided to catch them first.Distrustful and frightened pets did not want to be given into the hands of a stranger and hid from him.But finally,the man still managed to catch the kids.

One of the kittens turned out to be a boy,and the other turned out to be a pretty girl.The animal were wild,incredibly thin and hungry.The man brought them home to his wife.The couple bathed the pets,fed them and immediately decided to keep the girl.And the second kitten was gladly sheltered by their best friends.The animals quickly ate away,turning from skinned babies into beautiful and well-groomed pets.

Who knows how the life of two kittens would have developed if the man hadn’t gone in search of them?It’s great that there were kind people who left sorry for kittens.Thank them for their help.

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