The guy saved a little exhausted kitten that was freezing on the street.

One day a man was returning home after a busy day’s work.But suddenly he noticed a tiny gray kitten on the roadside.The baby was lying on a wet sidewalk and trembling with the cold.

The man unbottoned his jacket,took a small creature and hid it in his bosom.When they came home,he devoted his free time to saving the poor kitten.He warmed up the baby and then fed her.
At first,the baby was even afraid to open his eyes,but after a while he realized that he was not in danger and relaxed.

The next day,the man tokk the baby and went to the veterinary clinic.It turned out that there was not threat to the cat’s life.
From that day on,tha man found a real friend.The cat didn’t leave him for a second.He also slept with his savior.

It’s been a ling time.Now it’s not a kitten,it’s an adult cat.He had a long mustache,and his body was covered with shiny beautiful wool.
The man did not regret for a second that he had taken the kitten then.Now they are happy together.

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