The guy saved a moose ad now she visits him every day.

Once Ericas Plukas from Lithuania came across a baby moose lying lonely at his gate on his way home.The guy shared that the spectacle was heartbreaking.The moose was completely exhausted,covered in mud and with insects.

Noticing the guy,she wanted to run away,but weakness did not allow her to do so.The young man thought that the baby’s mother was most likely shot by hunters,ad the baby remained helpless.
Ericas could not leave the animal in this state and kept it.One the same day,the story of their amazing friendship began.First of all,he gave the baby food every four hours and slept next to her in the barn to always be there.

When the calf is strong enough to survive in the forest on its own,it’s time to let it go.He didn’t want to take this step,but he realized that it would be more useful for the animal.
And the calf still regularly visits his savior.It looks like she’s already pregnant,so soon Ericas will be waiting for a whole moose family to visit,which he is immensely happy about.

We hope soon there will be a continuation of this wonderful story online,which we will read with great pleasure!

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