The guy saved two lions and met them again seven years later…

Few people would dare to risk themselves to save an animal,especially such as a predatory and dangerous lion.And this story if ours is just a touching testimony to the love of our brothers,our smaller and incredible gratitude of animals seven years later.
Kevin Richardson has always been closely acquainted with these majestic creatures,trying to better understand this species.He used to live among lions ad studied this species well.

A few years ago,when he was part of the wildlife conservation team in South Africa,Kevin came across a stage that showed him how difficult it is sometimes to survive predators.
The lioness rejected her two newborn cubs,but Kevin decided to intervene and help the lions,who seemed to have no hope.

Two cubs were taken to a shelter near Johannesburg,where they were left and helped.He called them tiny cubs Meg and Amy,and over the years they grew up in two beautiful lionesses.
Kevin was confident that through education he will be funded and informed about the conflict between humans and predators or valuable skin.Kevin’s mission is also to draw attention to these factors.

Time has proved that all this is possible,and there is no better proof than the two lion cubs that Kevin saved seven years ago,and now they are adults!
Kevin decided to visit the lions he saved so many years later.It turned out that Meg and Amy did not forget him.Wild animals never forget good people and they came to meet him and caressed him for a long time,expressing affection.

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