The guy temporarily sheltered the dog and soon the dog saved his life!Now the owner has a question…

A dog from Kiev named Sheri was not very lucky with the owners.People regularly forgot about its existence,so she had to run away from the yard to find food.

Over time,Sheri turned into an almost stray dog.Soon the poor fellow fell into the hands of Kiev volunteers.Sheri had health problems.Kind people started treating the dog and looking for new owners for it.
Sheri really needed attention from a person,because she lacked it very much before.

Unfortunately,it was not possible to find a home for the poor fellow,but the family of a Kievan named Alexei agreed to shelter her for a month.
The dog trusted Alexei,she unconditionally obeyed him and performed commands.

Alexei would be happy to keep Sheri forever,but unfortunately,he and his family are forced to leave…
We hope that very soon the baby will have a good owner!

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