The guy was driving along the track when suddenly puppies ran out right under the wheels…

Andrey Matei was returning home from his girlfriend when he suddenly saw something interesting on the highway right in front of him!
The guy slowed down so as not to accidentally hurt something alive.When he got out of the car,he saw three little puppies!

At first,the guy didn’t know what to do with those puppies,but the little puppies were so friendly that he couldn’t leave them there,on the road,alone!
He put them in the car and continued his three-hour trip home…The puppies were delighted with this adventure,but eventually gor tired and fell asleep in the back seat!
During his trip home,Andrei published photos of the found puppies on Facebook,and one of his friends recommended calling his neighbor,who is an experienced animal rescuer.

The guy contacted her quickly.After discussing the situation,the woman agreed to meet him at a local veterinarian.The vet determined that the puppies were about 4-5 weeks old.Puppies were incredibly friendly and excited about everyone who met them!
After everyone was checked,the woman agreed to take the finders,and Matei said goodbye to his new friends — hoping that they would soon find their homes!

It ended so quickly and happily:)
Thanks to Andrei and the people who helped him!

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