The guy was walking with the dog,and a kitten followed them and walked all the way home….

Last summer,John Nienaber went for a walk with his dog.After a while,he noticed that a small kitten was following them.The animal was so small that it could easily fit in the palm of a man.

John called his wife and asked her to bring some food for the cat.
The kitten continued to pursue the man,but his wife did not want to take a new pet to their house.

That fact is that three cats and a dog already lived in the family.The couple took the baby from the street,but they decided that they would later give it to their relative.
John’s wife was sure that the baby would be fine in the new house,because their relative loves animals very much.The kitty was called Pino.When he got used to it,his playful character manifested itself.Especially the baby likes to get into the boxes.

In a year,Pino grew up a lot,the veterinarian believes that he had Maine Coons in his family.
The cat is very inquisitive and smart.It has become very big,but remains as cheerful and playful.

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