The happy dog wagged his tail:he could finally eat,because until now his life has been unsweetened.

One day,caring people noticed a dog lying on a pile of car tires.She looked sadly around,feeling hungry and loneliness.
Fortunately,after a while,volunteers learned about the dog,so they immediately decided to help him.

The first meeting with the dog amazed the volunteers.The dog was apathetic,sad and looked deplorable.
Soon the volunteer noticed that the dog’s ears were circumcised,and in addition,scabies developed on the skin.And yet,despite such a sad fate,the dog was not evil.On the contrary,he pressed against the volunteer and even tried to lick his new acquaintance.

Soon the vet was engaged in his health.The poor baby suffered from sever itching and hair loss,but all these problems were soon solved.
After a while,he turned into a cute dog who did not resemble a sick dog.

A little time passed,and the dog was «adopted».He has a caring family and now he is a favourite pet,and his future is seen in a joyful light!
Let it be so!

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