The heart of a cat is kinder than that of humans.

The story is not about a man,as it may seem,but…about a cat named Radames.It’s a beautiful balck kitten that lives in Poland.

The kitten helps to recover animals by supporting them in a veterinary clinic.The fate of the cat is not easy.The current owners literally brought him back from the other world.
Its owners were bad people who caused a lot of suffering to the pet.The kitten was only two months old,there was a serious infection in his stomach.

He treated doctors with courage and understanding and tolerated unpleasant procedures — medication,injections,droppers.He seemed to feel that he was wanted to be good.

Despite everything,he is full of love for humans and other animals.He visits cats,dogs,purring in their ears and caressing their paws.The clinic’s employees jokingly call him nurse with a huge heart.

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