The heroic rescued German Shepherd saved gave her owner a second chance at life, after three months of being adopted

Meet Sadie, a super smart and loyal doggo, whose owner couldn’t even imagine that some day she becomes his hero.

Once, Brian, the future owner of the smart dog, decided to adopt her.

So, he selected Sadie from Ramapo-Bergan Animal Refuge in Oakland.

The lovely dog, then was 6 years old.

The shelter was responsible for finding the right home for the pets under their care.

So, the former owner of Sadie, was always at the center with her dog, until her adoption.

However, It’s mentioned in the Sadie’s bio, that she got nervous surrounded by especially men.

Though, Brian felt a unique connection with his future pet, and eagerly wanted to take her home.

So, Brian adopted her, and soon, they began to recognize each other better.

It’s only a couple of months passed, when their affectionate friendship would be checked out.

Once, the man was alone at home, and he didn’t feel good, and suffered a stroke.

Fortunately, the heroic dog proved her devotion to her human.

Sadie, realizing the situation rushed and licked his face.

Then, the smart girl brought his phone, so that the man could call for an ambulance.

Due to the smart and loyal pet, he could survive.

As the rescue center staff mentioned, the kind man gave a forever home to his beloved doggo.

And, Sadie gave him a second chance at life.

So heartwarming to hear!

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