The homeless dog spent the night at the porch of hairdressing salon,where he was at least fed…

A year and a half ago,a dog appeared next to a hairdressing salon in Nizhny Novgorod.It seems that this was the only place where he was not expelled for the first time in a long time.Moreover,the baby was also fed.Tired of wandering,the dog decided to stay there for a while.

At night,the pet rolled up in a ball and fell asleep right under the porch of the salon…
One day,Zhanna Verbina’s friend came to the same salon to get a haircut.She immediately noticed a peace-loving dog who welcomed her with his tail.While the girl was getting her haircut,all her thoughts were occupied by the pet.

In the evening of the same day,she called Zhanna,offering to take a walk,and at the same time feed a homeless dog who sleeps at the porch of the salon.Everything turned out as well as possible!The girl,having met the dog,immediately took him home,making his girlfriend happy.

The new owner admits that she adores her charming friend and does not regret having sheltered a mongrel!!

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